Total Transformation with Room Addition

This house underwent a total transformation when adding a new garage and family room!

We enjoy when we can change the appearance of a house and make it more family friendly. The total transformation on this house even threw off some family members who had not visited this house for some time. They drove right past it, even though they had visited many times.

Here is the before:

Over time the house had undergone a number of additions, but this one seemed to tie everything together.

We added a family room in the back of the house. Took over much of the space of the existing garage and then added a new three car garage.

We installed a full foundation under the new space and broke through so that the basement now has “cold storage”. The front porch got a new look along with all of the stone being replaced.

This project took a number of months as it was almost like building a new house.

Take a look at the after pictures.

Check back soon for another article showing the inside additions, like a zero depth shower in the addition’s bathroom.