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Do you have a safe home?

Have you installed a system to ensure a safe home?Do you have a safe home?

Our basic needs being met gives us a sense of well-being. One of those higher needs is to feel safe. If we don’t feel that we have a safe home, then other things feel off center. If you have what you think is a safe home, are you sure.

I recently read this article from Remodeling. The article gives 5 key tips to protect your home from hackers. And you thought only your computer was at risk!

Now you can have an app on your phone that lets you check if your garage door is open or closed when you are at work. Your thermostat can be controlled from your phone. The lights in your home can be turned on or off. Not to mention, your wi-fi signal could be allowing your neighbor to surf the web at your expense.

The top tips from the article are:

Change your Passwords – we have computers, phones, software, and apps that require passcodes. We change the password to our own. How often are they the same thing for everything? Don’t make that mistake. If your item comes with a factory passcode, see if you can change it.

Be Cautious – Do you have family and friends or contractors who access your home occasionally? Don’t give them the main passcode if you can create a guest passcode. We all know the terrors of the credit card hacking in major retail chains, don’t let a hacker get into your system because a family member or repair person accidentally left your passcode unprotected.